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EvoGiene offers a range of high quality evolutionary solutions to the building management and hygiene industries with a complementary range of hygiene unit covers and bathroom products that offer style, design and ease of use in
Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Galvanised Steel (a full range of plastic units is also available).
Leading the range is the patented E-Zee Toilet Roll Holders that require only one finger to change a toilet roll - there is no awkward mechanism, no spring to depress, just a simple sliding of the new roll into place with one finger!
The patented Cascade toilet roll holder design dispenses with a shaft completely, making it easy to load, dispense and change to a new toilet roll. 
The styling of the E-Zee Toilet Roll Holders forms the cornerstone of the design for the covers for lotion and soap, air fresheners, urinal cleaners and deodorisers, sanitary bins, wall bins and paper towel dispensers. Other products include condom, tissue and SaniBag dispensers and hand-sanitizer stands.
These dispenser covers fit the Rubbermaid line of consumables, an internationally renowned company.
The entire steel range has been designed and is manufactured in South Africa - we are therefore less vulnerable exchange rate fluctuations and freight delays.


It takes just one finger!

No more struggling to change a roll: used roll drops out easily and light pressure on the new roll through the large front slot, drops it into place.

The Octagonal Eeze-Slide features a stylish slanted lid which reduces the
chance of users leaving personal belongings behind.
SA Patent 2011/05590