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Our highly experienced consultants will visit your premises and conduct a thorough and comprehensive survey of your needs - we’ll give you options on those items that are most necessary and some “nice-to-have’s” too.  Our ranges include basic battery-free plastic units to stylish battery operated stainless steel units.  Once the quote is approved, we will work with you to find a day and time for the service which suits YOU!

First Service
During the first service visit, our team of hygiene technicians will install units as per the
Site Survey and Service Agreement.

Regular Service
Evogiene will service all hygiene equipment and products according to the agreed service intervals.
At eash visit, our technicians will inspect every unit and attend to any mechanical breakdowns.

Service Procedures
Communication is an essential part of a successful program and an integral part of our hygiene service. Contact with your designated staff member takes place before and after each service.  Service reports list the services rendered.

Operating Procedure – Hygiene Equipment
Units are serviced at agreed intervals, including:
sanitary units, hand soap dispensers, hand sanitiser dispensers, air fresheners, auto sanitisers, toilet seat sanitiser, sanitiser dispensers, toilet roll holders, paper wall bins and paper towel dispensers.

Evogiene will arrive on the agreed intervals to service the units. The dispenser consumables (refills) and batteries (excluding all paper products) will be replaced at no additional charge as required. The dispensers will be checked, cleaned and tested. All empty consumables and batteries will be removed from the premises for safe and environmentally friendly disposal. 

Care Centre
All clients will be given the name and contact telephone number of one of the Evogiene’s owners - we take your business seriously and your satisfaction with our service and products is our priority - any time, all the time!